Sweet December

December is here!!!

December in FL means great hair days and sweater weather β˜ΊοΈπŸ’œ

It also means {Christ}mas is right around the corner. I absolutely love Christmas time I always try to donate clothes or food to people. I also enjoy all the family time I get! My family is pretty big and I enjoy seeing people I don’t get to see thought the year.

Traditions are fun too! Every year we have our Christmas dinner on Christmas Eve with my mom, then Christmas morning breakfast with my dads side of the family!

Although I love having fun with my family on this holiday I always remember the reason for the season! It’s Jesus birthday and I want to give him all the glory for allowing me to celebrate such a wonderful gift! Without him we would not have our {salvation}, what a joyous day Christmas really is!


Thanksgiving ❀️

Today is a huge family day for me, it always has been.
I am so thankful for my beautiful life I’ve been given.
The Lord is good all the time! I hope everyone enjoyed their thanksgiving with their family!

I know I haven’t updated much but that is fixing to change I am going to be consistent {bare with me } blogging is a great stress reliever for me! πŸ˜‰

Short Update:
My family is doing great
My husband and I will be married a year and half on 12.21.14
My best friend is due again with another girl in March (Laken Shea)
My first Godbaby is doin amazing at 16 months old (Gracelee Elizabeth)
This is Our 5th Thanksgiving together



Gracelee turns one.

Hello everyone!
So on August 23rd I drove to the beautiful Garden club in St Andrews & celebrated my Godbaby’s First birthday! Really her birthday was Aug. 26 but melly planned the party for the weekend before! 😘

Can I just say that it was beautiful I cannot believe how much love and laughter there was at this party! I also got to meet one of my dear friends whom I’ve known for over 10 years little girl! She moved with Her husband but came into town to celebrate little G!! Here’s pictures, I’m gonna go sit in a corner and cry about how big she’s getting, & Melly is expecting another little one in the spring!!! How exciting!!!!β˜ΊοΈπŸ’—





New book.

SO in an older post, I had written about a book I had started and sent to a publishing company, I never heard anything back.

SO after much thought & consideration, I have decided that I am not giving up. I am starting a new book, hopefully one that will turn into a series. I have picked an age range, theme, and characters. I am THRILLED to be writing in my spare time, even if it ends up just being something I read alone in my room. Writing & reading are therapeutic to me and I absolutely love both!

SO wish me luck, tonight I am actually finishing half of chapter one, who knows maybe I will post bits & pieces here and there πŸ˜‰



I have always loved the Fourth of July. Cookouts, spending time with family, and of course fireworks 🌟😍

My husband of course knew this when we got together and couldn’t of picked a better weekend to propose to me. I love that he did it unexpectedly on 07.03.2011, & he still is SO thoughtful and knows how much I enjoy this holiday!!

Life lately has been absolutely wonderful! We just celebrated out first year of marriage!! I know, I can’t believe this year went by SO quickly! We have had many changes since he has started a new career & we had a lot of health struggles in our family this past year.

At the end of the day I couldn’t ask for a better guy to spend my life with he has been here for me 110%! Of course, I still think the only reason he hangs around is for my cooking and crocheting skills (he loves a good blanket) πŸ˜‰

Seriously though, we are doing fantastic and enjoying all the time we get together (since it isn’t much due to work schedules) I am just so thankful to have such a caring, thoughtful, and selfless man in my life, cheers to the next year of marriage and all it brings 😍



It has been too long! Sorry about the unexpected break from my blog, I am now ready more than ever to jump head first into it…

First off I have to say my husband is just awesome! I am very, very blessed to have someone in my life who knows every flaw and every mistake, and still chooses to love me without fail. June 21st will be our one year wedding anniversary & I still can’t believe that he loves me. My husband is my rock, besides the Lord.

Speaking of the Lord. I am in awe of his love. In 2014 I have had more PEACE in my soul than I have in the last 4 years. Prayer is powerful, never waiver your love for God because he is listening.

My family is doing wonderful, my brother is getting his first car (I am kinda sad about this) & he will be starting high school this fall!

My sisters are enjoying married life with their beloved and I couldn’t be more happy that they have the same love in their life that I experience everyday. I feel like it’s just something else we can bond over.

Of course I have to say something about my God baby. Gracelee is just a GEM ❀ She will be one in August and I can't believe that she is crawling all around and almost walking!! Melanie is doing a great job at mommy hood & her husband is a wonderful dad.

My job is going a lot better, I know there will always be good and bad days but I couldn't be happier that I chose the medical field. Speaking of, I am starting an online program for medical billing and coding this fall and I couldn't be prouder of myself for continuing my education. I know I was on track for teaching but the medical field has grown on me tremendously.

My birthday is on the 23rd and I cannot believe I will be 24. I plan on going to Howard Creek and fishing my weekend away!



Sometimes it just takes a good breakdown to re-evaluate your life. That happened to me today. I went to work this morning, everything was good, had a nice blood drive, then on my way home, I just started crying, uncontrollably. I had to pull over. Sometimes it just hits me, the truth.

The truth that I have a strained relationship with someone really close in my life, who throughout my life has been my number one, but the last 3 years or so we have had a tough road, I just hope we can continue to have our weekly phone calls and build our relationship up. I pray daily about this issue in my life. The truth always comes out.
The other truth I realize was is my career. Yes I love what I do, I love saving lives everyday, and drawing blood, but I want to be more. I want to finish my teaching degree and have my own classroom more than anything! This is exactly why I’m going back to school!
The biggest truth I had today was that even though I was crying and alone in my car, I wasn’t alone. I prayed long and hard tonight in hopes of clarity, and it all made sense, God has been with me through all of my troubles.
Never give up on your hope, today, he is what got me through a hard time, and I am beyond thankful for his never ending love.



Almost 4 years ago I started dating my now husband and at the time he drove a VW Rabbit I called “Bunny”.

At the time I didn’t think much about the nickname but 4 years later, I still call him this everyday. Ironically, rabbits mate for life. So when me and Robert got married last June, I knew that there was a vital reason this was his nickname. Then it hit me, for life. I know that I can’t compare rabbit relationships to “real life”, but I thought I would share this. You never know when something as small as a nickname for your spouse will connect you more than you ever thought. God had us chosen and had me choose this nickname for a reason. I’m excited to have my mate for life, I love you bunny ❀

Til I see you again.

No more themes.

I honestly thought I could put more time into my blog, but with school and working full time, it’s impossible.

With that said this is just an update, life is basically good, things are going great for me.

Today was just a hard day in general for me, it marks 6 years since I lost one of my best friends, Reggie Stevens. I will never forget seeing him 2 days before he passed away, and in a way, I think that was God’s way of letting me get in one more “hello”. I miss him more than anything, and it’s hard because I know he is having an AMAZING time in heaven! I just wish he was still here, but that’s just me being selfish. I love you Reggie, I am going to visit you on Sunday so get ready for some new flowers ❀ RIP my dear friend, until I see you again! My Faith and my LOVE for GOD is what gets me through the 23rd of January every year, I KNOW I will hug you again, and I know I will get tot hear you playing your drums for the Lord.



Try a Recipe Thursday


Spicy Shrimp is AMAZING!
I saw this and decided it was a “must post” for the blog! Shrimp is a common seafood where I live, so this recipe is a easy, no time dinner! This is for those moms that don’t have a lot of time, or for the husbands trying to make a “big dish” with little time.

Try it out, My husband and I did, and we LOVED it πŸ™‚